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what happened between a cop and 18 year old. police are looking in to claims of sexual misconduct. we have the latest. >> mount vernon is a mess, because of another water main break. we are live telling you how to get around, linda so is live on the scene this morning. we heard of diet soda, what about a soft drink helping you lose weight. pepsi is releasing a fat blocking soda with fiber. you can't buy it here. we will give you the details on that. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get to the weather, there is a big change when you walk
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outside this morning, here is lynette. >> you are right. we have the rain, also it's cooler, than what it was yesterday. we look at the rain, we will start with maryland's most powerful radar. light rain around baltimore and acosthe eastern shore, seeing that in cecil county, talbot county. the rain towards the west, seeing that around hagerstown, mount airy, if your travels are taking you to the north in pennsylvania, seeing heavier rain and south around virginia. be careful as you step out and about. not only the rain but we have patchy fog and winds are gusting up to 25, 30 miles an hour with sustained winds at 5- 15 miles an hour, look at the temperatures coming in at 41 degrees churchville, ellicott, 39 union bridge w the winds it's feeling chillier, you need the rain gear and heavy coat. temperature around 50 degrees. over to meagan and charlie. >> crews are working to repair
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a water main ruptured in mount vernon,. >> it's causing problems for homes and businesses in the yeah. that's where we find linda so. >> reporter: crews are in the hole right now making the repairs about an hour and half agos they removed the broken section of the 30-inch main that broke. when the crew comes in at 8:00 alt, they will be replacing it with the new sections the roads do remain closed, this is a 30- inch main that broke on madison yesterday morning. homes and businesses lost water, mercy hospital, had low water pressure it had to deal with, this is the fourth water main break in two weeks. it's a sign of the aging infrastructure. some water mains could date back to the 1800s. dpw says it's in the beginning stages of a plan to speed up the amount of water main it replaces from under 5 miles, a year, to 40 miles. >> it's old. we are talking seriously old,
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that hasn't been addressed the way it needs to be. >> the cost of the repairs will come out of your rising water bills, dpw crews are hoping to fix the break quickly so it won't cause traffic problems for too long. i want to show you something they did this morning to alleviate the commute. here, they have opened off the off ramp from 83 to get on to gill ford, now that you can get off of 83, also they have opened up madison all the way to gillford. you can take a left to get downtown. they are hoping to alleviate the morning commute. linda so, abc2 news. >> peabody to mercy, all the independent restaurants and shops, a lot of people head to mount vernon. >> you are going to get in and out for the commute. >> meagan and charlie, you are in and out able to take madison street and make a left on to gillford to get downtown, also the off ramp from 83, to gillford avenue has been re-
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opened. you will want to expect congestion in the area as the morning does start to pick up. if you are headed to 83 right now, as we check in and look up in hunt valley, everything moving right along at shawan road. no problems getting down top 695, as far as 95 is concerned, a live look in white marsh, traffic along from route 43, to downtown, we have a crash on route 43 along the eastbound lanes at honey go boulevard. looking at the time saver traffic drive times, notice the beltway going to be in great shape, normal conditions on the outer loop, 95, up to 83, that stretch will take you 11 minutes. no problems on the west side, an 11 minute ride as well on the outer loop from 795, down to 95, over to you. a baltimore city police officer has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct. >> sherrie johnson is live at police headquarters with more on the developing case.
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>> we are here life at police headquarters where the new police commissioner held a news conference to talk about the alleged misconduct of a police officer. this is 39 year old officer elliot simon, he worked out of the north western district on reisterstown road, he has been with the department for 13 years and now facing possible criminal charges, in connection with an incident involving an 18 year old woman, commissioner bats used the term sexual misconduct in the news conference and said the crime occurred while officer simon was on duty and could indicate that the 18 year old woman had been detained by officer simon. the city state's attorney's office started to look in to the case to decide whether or not to file criminal charges. >> over the weekend, the investigation, received a
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complaint of sexual miscon duck between an 18-year-old female and on duty baltimore police department officer. >> reporter: officer elliot simon is being investigated for a charge that would be a felony. he has been suspended without pay. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. competency hearing schedule #-d for a man accused of killing his roommate. he is charged in the murder and beating death of david rico navola in october of last year. it happened at cliffton t perkins hospital. the lawyer is going to argue that he was sexually abused and acting in self defense. the trial is scheduled for february. catholic bishops are meeting and this morning catholics plan to deliver a petitions in the petition, they say they want the bishops to reconsider alliance with republican party and focus on caring for the less fortunate.
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decision to have a child is filled with a roller coaster of emotions, women buy home pregnancy tests. >> as you have done, that they are not cheap. do you need to pay top dollar? to find out if you are expecting? take a look. >> reporter: like most first time momses tracy was fields with excitement when she and her husband began trying to have their first baby. her son is now three years old. she members what it was like, like it was yesterday. >> it was probably 5 day tha day. >> reporter: most pregnant test
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kits cost between 15-$15. some kits will give you two testers. you are still paying at least $5 per test. how about paying just a buck? >> i don't know a lot of people probably a skeptical. >> reporter: dollar general's baby brand has insert with instructions and details with the testing. that's missing from dollar tree's new choice kit. the instructions are on the box. tracy didn't mind the simplicity. >> i feel like it's the same thing and much more affordable. >> reporter: how do the options stack up to name brands? we asked christine to review the research from the dollar tree's test kit. >> i really think there is no difference. >> no difference in the lab. you may get a different result, if you don't do the testing right. >> it's only as good as the person who did the test. this one is a little bit more
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cumbersome to do. puts ownership onto the patient and how they perform the test. >> reporter: the other issue is when you perform the test. the doctor says some women do it too early. >> you think you are pregnant and have a negative test, wait several days to a week to repeat your test. >> the doctor says, testing at home is a good first step and admits, cheaper than going to the doctor, especially if you are paying a dollar. would you give it a try? a lot of you are commenting. we received over 60 comments. if you would like to read comments or post your own, we would love to hear from you. head to time for a check on the weather, over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right, let's talk about what is going on this morning,
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we have the wet weather out there, we can see clouds across the area and a lot of the clouds are at the surface, we have patchy fog, we have clearing, it's not going to last all day, we can see the clearing line in west virginia. also, we have high pressure that was going to build in, and the cold front is going to keep÷ moving off towards the east, that colder air, already around the great lakes, dropping snow across the area. we won't see that, just the rain this morning and then possibly sunshine later this afternoon, as we look at temperatures this morning, we are coming in at 41 degrees baltimore, 42 arnold. 44 chester town, northeast 43, bel air 41, easton 46 degrees. look at the wind gusts, up to 27 in easton, 25 arnold, 23 chestertown. 30 bel air, 31 wind gust in northeast, what does this mean? we have a windchill out there. temperatures feeling like we are in the 30s this morning in
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baltimore, also in arnold, gaithersburg, westminster, it is cold. it's a cold rain that we are feeling this morning. as you head out and about, have the heavy coat and the umbrella, because you will need it as we go through this morning. not going to say through the day, we will clear out nicely as we go through time, by tomorrow, we will be seeing plenty of sunshine moving in to the picture, that will continue for a while. this is what we have for your planner as we step you out, dealing with the rainfall, as we go in to lunchtime, the temperature coming in around 50 degrees, we won't jump up from there. we see our high temperatures around lunchtime, 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. and start to fall off, that's all courtesy of the cold front moving through, this morning and behind that cold air begins to move back in. the seven-day forecast, we will be seeing plenty of sunshine in to wednesday. 48 degrees, that's cold, we will be bump up in to the 50s,
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temperatures remain below average in to the week, our next chance for showers work in on sunday. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> we are dealing with fog out there, do expect reduced visibility, might be a good morning to turn on the low beams. there is a crash in white marsh, along the eastbound lanes of route 43, honey go boulevard. if you are using 95, to get downtown, now, it's going to take you 16 minutes to travel southbound from 695, all the way in to the city. once you make your way in to the city, repairs are underway to fix the water main break from yesterday, in mount vernon, as we look here, at this, notice the repairs, lot of work going on, this is a 30- inch break, no word on when everything will return back to normal. we have an update for you, traffic is now getting by on madison street, make a left to get downtown, as the morning rush does start to pick up, you will want to expect delays,
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leave yourself extra time. 83 nice and clear as well as the west side of the beltway, liberty, watchout for an accident on owings mills, howard county, here is what 70 looks like, no delay as you head to 695, over to you. live picture at 617, congress returns to session today, through the capital, talking about the fiscal cliff, what is looming after december 31st, all involves expiration of tax breaks and program cuts, and stuff you and i might not understands. the doctor with towson university is here to explain the political speak for those making budgets at home. >> thank you for joining us. when we get in to this, how much of this do the budget makers at home not understands about what congress is going to be dealing with. >> the fiscal cliff or some said a fiscal slope as many of
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the impacts won't be immediately felt is a three major parts, the cut back in spending, there is the expiration of the bush era tax cuts, as well as payroll deduction holiday expiration. for most people, immediate effect will be the payroll deduction taxes $1000 for someone earning $50,000 a year. then when april 2014, when you file your 2013 taxes you will see the effect of the expiration of the bush era tax cuts. for individuals since maryland is closely tied to j]
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senate is controlled by the democrats and president barack obama re-elected. we are where weapon two years ago when we first -- where we were two years ago when we first started dealing with this. >> there is a shift. given the fact that president obama was e re elected in spite of the unemployment rate beyond fdr, he was elected. congress make up changed slightly. american population wants congress to solve the problem rather than be obstacles to the solution. >> the that does not happen, we remain in the stalemate, at what point does the voter throw their hands up and say enough is enough, we are tired of being the victims of this. >> well, the next election is 2014, that's the next time they can express frustration like the 2010 elections express about obama care. >> say can you see getting rid of the national anthem all
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together? high schoolers need to stop singing it before games, that's what they are being told. hey, look! a shooting star!
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national anthem, one high school in pennsylvania, a numb of schools are told to stop singing the song before a game. the organization overseeing the team says the anthem takes up too much time. hockey must represent the ice time and sometimes it can cost $300 an hour in fees. >> the play is stopped, even in the game is running over. >> coach could protest because national anthem was played. >> they should extend the time period they have to play the game. >> i don't agree. it's a bad policy. there has to be other time to be cut. >> teams aren't prohibited from playing the anthem, just discouraged from doing it. >> that story is a talker. loren joins us now for caption this. >> this was sent in, dog buddy, cutest dog ever.
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look at him with the phone in his mouth. so cute. we posted it on facebook. it's generated a ton of comments. this isn't my toy. jim saying we are out of raw hide bones, this or the tv remote. it's for you. i can't take the telemarketers anymore. i was hungry and wanted to order a pizza. >> call me maybe. >> that's a good one. >> i'm impressed. >> i do need more for this week. email yous to pix at >> i want to k la look at your
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ipod. some places are banning sugary drinks, pepsi says it has a new cola with a fat blocking fiber. it's going be on store shelves in japan this morning. pepsi specialists targeted towards health conscious men 30 or older. a thief doesn't make it far thanks to a retired state trooper. >> the owner says the ex- trooper is a hero saving his wife. a can of del monte green beans?
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now, good morning maryland. >> twist in the petraeus scandal. you can throw the commander in to the mix. parents, you know when your kid has a headache you want it fixed immediately. research sheds lite on what maybe bothering them. >> flying the friendly skies can be unfriendly if you are overweight. this is a issue of safety and come comfort, others say it's embarrassing. >> i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. if you have woken up, it's rainy and degrees out. what happened? i have explaining

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